At Keij & Stefels Technical Management is divided into 4 categories:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Long term Maintenance
  • Urgent Maintenance

1: Regular Maintenance

Every supervisor at Keij & Stefels holds a consultation per telephone. This takes place on every business day from 8:30 until 10:30. Subsequently the supervisors make their rounds. Because, upon being acquired, all information is directly processed into the automated system the rental agreements can be accessed digitally. This provides an optimal overview and ensures that a quick answer can be provided on, for example, the question for who's account the expenses are.

2: Heavy Maintenance

At Keij & Stefels everything remains in house, even the heavy maintenance such as a renovation. We create a work description, we hold a tender, direct proceedings, check proceedings and so on.

'What we did in this area so far?' We proudly present you with a list of some very diverse examples:

  • Internal Renovation Church: plaster and paintwork in close consultation with TNO.
  • Renovation National monument: wood decay control, paintwork and restoration ornaments.
  • The decommissioning and rebuilding of a National monument.
  • The renewal of the foundation in basements.
  • The separation of two properties into eight residences.
  • 6000 m² roof renovation of an office building.
  • The renovation of apartments for luxury rental.

3: Long term Maintenance

For this type of maintenance it is very important to work efficiently and durable. When the current situation has been mapped with extreme detail, a realistic maintenance plan can be created. Even though this plan will be established for multiple years, the state of affairs will be checked every year. Because from experience we have learned that these checkups often lead to adjustments in the maintenance plan.

Below you will find a few examples of the proceedings we initiated and guided in the category long term maintenance:

  • Facade restoration
  • Facade restoration Monument
  • Renewal Balcony construction

4: Urgent Maintenance

As mentioned before you can always get in touch with one of our supervisors during the telephone consult in the morning. The rest of the workday our receptionists and operators become the safety net for every acute problem, because they can directly connect you to the relevant supervisor. Do you have an acute problem or maintenance complaint that occurs outside of office hours? Do not worry, because the voicemail of Keij & Stefels Management always gives out the phone number of the officiating supervisor.