Of course we resemble our fellow competitors in a number of ways.

  • We at Keij & Stefels are of course also affiliated with every branch organization that offers concrete benefits. Some examples are: The national NVM with its Funda and the local MVA with its First Amsterdam Real Estate Auction.
  • We also cover both the private segment (residences; from partition to newly built houses) as well as the business segment (stores, offices and office spaces).
  • You can also come to us for any form of valuation, for viewings on Saturday, for everything regarding the additional insurances and for the renting and leasing of, whether or not upholstered and/or furnished, residences.
  • We also make sure that we can offer the correct tools to the specific segment of Expats.

Nevertheless Keij & Stefels distinguishes itself substantially from the majority of service providers. Whereto you can object: 'Yeah, right... all your fellow competitors claim the same thing.' That is correct, but with us it goes far beyond pretty stories. With us it is factually discernable. You see, as an office Keij & Stefels forms a twofold, one you don't see very often anymore today: on the one hand Real Estate, on the other hand Management of property, both in Technical as well as Financial regard. These are disciplines that all too often strengthen each other in a very beneficial manner. Not only is this beneficial for our clients, but for us as well.

Partly due to the very versatile combination of fields of activity, Keij & Stefels managed to steadily grow in the recent difficult years as well. Our mentality of keeping our feet on the ground, being sober, being clear, knowing chalk from cheese and being realistic in the midst of turbulent times has of course played its part in this as well.

But apart from all that versatility we also like to outline. We like to advocate that we, both in terms of Real Estate as well as Management, are explicitly specialized in the Amsterdam market. We know our way around our capital. With, admittedly, every now and then an opportunistic excursion in the region, which we then obviously immediately label as 'Greater Amsterdam'. In short, let it be known in which area an advertiser should be looking for our slogan: 'Keij & Stefels - everything under one roof!' Or: 'Keij & Stefels the most versatile in all of Amsterdam!' Or maybe even: 'Keij & Stefels - does your realtor also do all of this for you?'

Work method

In the summary of all our ambitions one concept clearly stands out: "Realism". We like to define realism as sober sincerity. Being honest; being able to tell any relation how you feel, what you think, what you know and what you do not know is an important value within our company.

Every staff member of Keij & Stefels will always want to be of service, solution oriented and useful. Not fawning and haughty, but the happy medium in a manner that fits the present time. When you look at our current offers within the Estate Agency you will notice that we actually apply these basic principles. You will also, when you meet one of our realtors, immediately notice that we really fulfill our promise of servitude. We do this by really listening to you, constantly personally guiding you during the process and lastly concluding all business with you in a neat manner. We will work until we've dotted all your 'i's' and crossed all your 't's'.